Saturday, April 16, 2011

Award? For me?

It is so fun to wake up and find that your stamping idol has given you an award and linked your blog to hers.   If you don't know Ann Schach, you need to go on over and look at her stuff.   Once you pick your jaw back up off the floor and quit drooling over her AMAZING cards, come back and thank me for directing you that way.   :)

I think we are supposed to list 7 facts that people don't know about us for the award, so here goes:

1.   I hate pickles.    I know hate is a strong word, but it is the only one that conveys how I really feel about pickles.   (I even own this shirt)

2.  I have an advanced degree in forensic science.   I've never used it, but I have the paper that says I completed the program.   Just for the record, it is NOT like CSI and not as fun as you'd think.   (and I was in school BEFORE CSI came out, so it was not my inspiration for pursing that degree.)

3.  I am owned by 3 kitties and adore them most days.   :)

4.  I hate to cook, but love to bake.   I get asked to make banana nut bread all the time.

5.  I work part-time at Hobby Lobby in the custom framing department.    I needed to get out of the house more and thought it might be fun to work there.   I was surprised to be put in that department, but I guess my degree indicated that I might know how to read a ruler.   lol

6.  I'm a sports NUT.   I probably like to watch them more than most guys.   I credit that to my dad; growing up we had one TV and since he liked sports, we learned to like them as well.  I even have a baseball card collection.

7.  Here's the last one and the one I am usually embarrassed to tell:   I met my husband online.  Not a dating site, but playing Spades on Yahoo.   He was a good card player, so we kept partnering up and chatting.    It was years before we ever decided to meet in person, but by then we were both goners.   He's the most amazing man and I love him so very much.   

Finally, I want to pass the award on to a few bloggers who inspire me:
Erica Cerwin  is an amazing stamper who uses the bright colors that I adore.
Kathy is a fellow SCS Creative Crew designer and not only is she super nice, but she makes some amazing cards!
Renee is another Creative Crew designer and super duper talented.   I want to be her when I grow up.   :)

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  1. congrats!...i checked out ann's're right she has some wonderful cards...and talent...but then so do you! the t-shirt...but i love pickles so i'll eat your share


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