Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot & Lazy

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I've worked on some cards for my design team and then totally got caught up in a book!   I love my Nook, but it can steal away much of my stamping time.   :)   I started reading The Lincoln Lawyer and couldn't put it down last night.   I think the battery finally died around 1:30am, so I had to come scramble to find the charger so that it would be ready to go when I woke up this morning.   After DH left for work at about 6:45, I started reading again and finished it.   I needed a nap after that of course. :)

Here are some of my bag tag samples that I made up this week.  I thought I'd add in a few designs and see if that would help my sales a bit.   I also did a couple custom sports ones and really liked them as well.  

With the temperature predicted to be 107 degrees today, there is not much going on here.   The kitties are all enjoying some good naps and I'm working on some ideas for next week's club cards.   I think I'm going to search for another book to read and then relax until DH gets home from work.  We have The Lincoln Lawyer here at home to watch, so that will be our together time later tonight.  I can't WAIT to watch it and hope it is as good as the book!

Bandit is enjoying some Stampin' Up! time today, as is his sister, Bella.   (They love to flatten out the brown packing paper and then nap on it).

Bailey likes to show off her petite figure by laying in the window.   She's the only one who actually fits there without a lot of extra hanging over the side.  :)

Hope all you folks on the East coast are staying safe!   

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