Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well, I didn't get to stamp much yesterday, but I did get my room under control a bit by working through the evening and this morning.   I had friends over yesterday and when we went in my room for a minute, I was super embarrassed.   It looked like a scene from Hoarders!    I worked on purging much of my unused supplies and now it looks much, much better.   Here's my uncluttered desk!  Yay.   My ink pads and old-style punches are close at hand.   The baskets hold my adhesives and paper scraps.   And best of all, I have lots of room!

Here's my little cubby shelf (from Target of course).    I love it and it holds all the miscellaneous stuff like coloring tools, supplies for 3-D items, etc.   The top is a great place for me to stash the completed and in progress projects for the local store I sell in.  

Stamps!  I put both my current and retired ones here.   I love being able to go to one shelf and browse for inspiration.  :)   I tucked my Village of Cuteness among them to add a little fun.

Finally, here's my Big Shot station.    I love having my dies handy and ready to go.   Other miscellaneous tools and card samples are homed here as well.  

I'll have some card pictures to share tomorrow.  I didn't stamp until late tonight, so there's no sunlight for pictures.  :)   

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Looks great!! It feels so good when everything is organized and pretty, doesn't it??

  2. Oh my goodness! Come and organize me!!! My classroom looks like this!!! Love what you have done here!


  3. Your room is looking great. Terrific organization. I was making cards this morning and my room is such a disaster I don't want to go back there. Lol!! TFS.

  4. Looks great! Hope this inspires me to clean up my disaster zone!


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