Monday, October 17, 2011

MDS Monday

If you visited yesterday, this card probably looks pretty familiar to you.  I wanted to recreate one of my cards in My Digital Studio to show you how nice it would look.    Pretty close, huh?   Stampin' Up! has done a wonderful job adding some of our favorite supplies to the digital side of things.  Even better, the printing is guaranteed to match the SU colors we know and love.

The advantage to making this card in MDS?   I can print as many of this card as I need without doing any further work.  It's a great way to design your invitations or Christmas cards because you can do it once and have as many printed as you need.   If you wanted to add some ribbon or brads, you can always go the hybrid route and do a lot of the work on MDS and then add a few embellishments once you get the cards from the printer.  

If you like to purchase MDS, you can get it here on my online store.   I'd love to answer and questions you have about it or give you a demonstration of how it works.  

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