Monday, November 28, 2011

Room Makeover

While I haven't been stamping too much, I did get to redo my room a bit over the past few weeks.  It is much nicer to work in there now.   I feel like everything finally has a place!   I still need to get some baskets and bins for my shelves, but it feels like it is really starting to come together.    

This is the most popular area of the room.   My three furries battle over who gets the luxurious window seat.    Bandit usually wins of course.  :)

The Big Shot station is still in the same spot.  Nothing too exciting there.  It is fun to see my collection of dies grow each time I take new pictures.  :)   My birthday is coming up next month and it will be growing again when use my awesome Stampin' Up! birthday discount to get the Tasteful Trim die!  

My punches!   I might need to rethink this as my rack is a bit full.  I'll probably just lose the non-SU ones as I never use them them anyway.   There's always the back side of the door too, right?  

My bookshelf needs some work, but at least it looks semi-organized for now.   It was crowded and a hot mess!

My favorite part of the room, my stamps!   I can't seem to part with my retired ones, so there is a mix of current and retired on my shelf.   I still have way too many, but I'm trying to do better about that.   Lately my purchases have been Big Shot dies, accessories, or ink/paper to finish off my color family collections.  

Here's my desk with a card in progress.  I love that I can work neater now that things have a place to go!   I tried to keep the stuff I used a lot (ink pads, stamps) near my desk so that I can put them back right when I finish with them.  I also love having my computer/TV monitor right on my desk.   My awesome husband got that for me last year and it is great.   

Finally, all my new shelves that make up the other side of the room.   Bella is on her way to fight for the window seat or claim the bit of sunshine that's on the floor.   :)   I love these shelves from Target!  I have 3 large ones and one small one now and they are just perfect.   They just need some baskets and should be perfect!  

Anyway, just thought I'd share that.   I hated my room for ages and this has really helped.   All I did was purchase 3 new shelves and rearrange a bit.  I think it looks like a real craft room now!   I just need to work on decorating the walls a bit and figuring out exactly where to store everything so that I can work efficiently.  


  1. Your room looks great Rita! You are so nicely organised now. Love that your cats can enjoy your room too :)

  2. OK - I keep my punches over the door in a shoe rack, I have black cubbies from Target and I have the ink pad rack like you do - great minds think alike???? Your room looks great! Mine is messy! And I think I am going to order the Tasteful Trim Die for my birthday "present" in Dec. too!

  3. Like Linda, I also have some similar storage in my craft room. How funny is that? Great minds DO thik alike! I never seem to be able to part with my retired sets either. I love Bella's face in that photo...she looks like you caught her in the act. Lol! Your room looks great, Rita! It's always awesome to get things organized, isn't it? :)

  4. Wow a fantastic craft room Luv Sue x

  5. Your craft room is amazing! Great job on the make over!

  6. What a great stamp area. I can't wait until we are done moving all the time and I can set a space up. I bet your kitties just love that window seat.

  7. I love your room!!! and how fun that your kitties have a space too! I long for the day I have a room....maybe someday I will!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


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