Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Talk

So I thought I'd do a little sharing about the little one.   Since she is apparently eating my creativity, I don't have cards to post as often as I wish.  I sure hope she comes out stamping!   lol    I've already discovered one huge drawback to having a!   Everything is PINK!   Guess who doesn't like pink?   Yeah.   So, I keep looking around for yellow, green, purple...anything that's NOT pink.  However, seeing as how we are doing her room in giraffes, I had to buy this cute little sleeper last week.   The giraffe print caught my eye and had me laughing and the cute little giraffe on the front just won my heart.  So, we have some pink in the house now.   

The other part that has been making me crazy is trying to pick a name!  I wanted a traditional name (Elizabeth, Catherine, something like that) while Jason was all into unique or different names.   The only thing we both liked was Elise for the middle name.   To be funny, during my Target trip this week I went and checked out the names of the Cabbage Patch Kids.    Well, there were two that actually had good names!   (I still have mine from childhood and her name is Lorna Zora.  What?)   Anyway...we talked about the two and decided that we did like one of them a lot!   AGREEMENT?  Sound the alarms!!  That night we went back and purchased Laila Elyse!    So now we have a strong possibility for a name, but have to figure out the spelling.   It's never just simple, right?    I like Layla Elise, but he likes Laila.   I'm thinking a good game of paper, rock, scissors might happen at the hospital!   Either way, our little girl will have a cute doll with her name.   That's kinda cool, but I hope she isn't upset about being named after a doll!  

The moral of that story? You can find everything at Target, even a name for your baby.   :)


  1. What a pretty name, Rita! If she doesn't come out stamping I hope she at least gives you opportunity to stamp in between cuddling and holding her.

  2. I just love hearing your stories as you get ready for your little one to arrive!

    Haha, I HATE pink with a passion and when my daughter was born we didnt know her sex until she arrived and I have to admit, half the stuff I went out and bought was pink and lacy--all the things I said I would never buy, LOL. My husband was gone at the time of her birth(military) and when he came home he couldnt believe I had actually bought pink items!

    When we had our first he was going to be Elizabeth Katherine if he was a girl! I love the name you are thinking of, and I have to agree with you, I like the Layla spelling better :)

    If we had ever had a 2nd girl we would have been in big trouble because naming our 1st one was a chore, we couldnt agree on anything! We finally decided on Courtney Cynthia, and she is now 16.

    Ok, enough of me rambling :) Love the blanket! Dont worry about cards, you have precious cargo aboard :)

  3. I am pink indifferent and a HUGE purple fan. You can find purple girl clothes it will be alright, but rest assured that Layla/Laila will want to wear pink and read Pinkilicious thrity times a day. You'll make your peace with pink. Give it some time. :-)

    I love the name and I'm torn on the spelling. I love the uniqueness of Laila, but I have a feeling people will misspell or mispronounce it. Layla is more straight forward and there is no question about pronunciation. Either way, it is lovely and I love that you got her name at Target. What a great story! :-)

  4. Rita, you certainly put a smile on my face with the way you write your stories.

    Love the little 'onesie' suit with the giraffe. Very cute.

    Laila/Layla is such a pretty name. I warn you though, I chose the name Jennifer Leigh for my daughter early in my pregnancy and was firmly convinced that was what her name would be...once she was born though, the name didn't seem to suit her, so she ended up being Rebecca Leanne. LOL

    Oh and having a doll with the same name is so precious. I Love it. It's only in the teen years when she'll throw that one back at you, 'Really Mum, what would you know, you named me after a cabbage patch doll!'

    As for Pink, little girls love it. You do have at least a year or two before she starts to demand her wardrobe so until then, you can dress her in any colour you like!

    Kasey ~ in Oz

  5. Super post. The pink giraffe onesie is really cute. Lovely names you are thinking off. We didn't finally choose our names until about a month before they were born. x

  6. I saw that sleeper while shopping with my cousin and thought of you...except for the pink..but I love it! And I love the name but I like Layla better...I think people will have a hard time pronouncing the other spelling. Take it from me who works at a school and with patients in the clinic...the more straightforward the better!!!! You wouldn't beleive some of the names I come across and can't say/spell:-)

    I wish I could remember my CPK's name!

  7. What a funny & sweet story! LOVED it!! Say hello to Target for's been almost two years since I've been to one.

  8. I'm loving reading your baby posts as you prepare! I think the names you've chosen are lovely, however, what's the bet when she's born you'll come up with an entirely different name. I did that when my son was born - Connor suited him much better than the name I had chosen many months earlier.

    I'm a lover of pink so felt completely ripped off not being able to buy lots of it (knowing I would only have one child). White always looks beautiful on babies though?

    Enjoy this time.

    PS: Layla is my preferred spelling too.

  9. Cute story, Rita! The pink sleeper is so adorable.
    I love the name no matter how you spell it. But I am partial to "y" spellings as both my little ones names are spelled with "y's".
    Too funny about some of the Cabbage Patch names, though. Mine was Mildred Lynette.

  10. What a gorgeous name!! Love it! Giraffes are so cute, they were my favorite animal when I was little. So take out your color coach and find some fun pink alternatives!


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