Thursday, February 9, 2012

Club Thank Yous

Out for Delivery!!!  Don't we love those words?   I get so excited and have to contain myself ALL day because my UPS man doesn't come until dinner time.   Well, unless he has an order with my stuff in it and then he doesn't come until 7.  Not sure what's up with that!    Anyway...   today's package contains my orders for this month's club, so I made up these cute little notes with matching envelopes to tuck in their orders.   The envelopes were so easy using the new diagonal scoring plate for the Simpy Scored.    Three more weeks and you can get your hands on that baby!  :)


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  2. The little envelope is so cute. x

  3. You do realize how uber-jealous I am of you for having that special score tool already, right?? I want envies like this, too! Love these! :)


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