Friday, February 17, 2012

Donation and a Card

What do you think?  Would that be a tote of goodies you'd like to own?  One of my friends, another mom who lost her first child to SMA, was working on silent auction items for an upcoming fundraiser gala and I wanted to help out again this year.   My contribution last year was much smaller, so it makes me happy to see how much more I was able to do this time.  I hope it goes over well!  If you are near Denver, you can click here to find out more information on the event.  

Now on to the my card...  One of the comments I hear a lot about my work is simple.  Simple is a bit hurtful when I think about how much time/effort goes into a design, so I've decided to work on stepping up my game a little.  To do that, I decided to pick a card that I loved, but felt was outside my ability/skills and attempt to recreate it.  I chose this beauty by Laurie and sat down to work on it.  (To be honest, I'm not a big fan of copying ideas, so this was difficult for me in more ways than one.)   I will say that it was fun to work on and I hope I can take what I learned making it and apply it to another card that I design myself.   Keep your eye out for that one as I already have some ideas!  :)  Note to self:  BUY the Neutrals buttons ASAP!


  1. Hi Rita, Your cards are always beautiful!! Simple isn't the right word!! They're elegant, cute or stunning and I LOVE your work!!

  2. I totally agree!! When I'm looking for inspiration, your website is always the first one I go to. I have bookmarked you more than anyone else because your designs and color choices are awesome. :)

  3. Hi,
    I rarely make comments on people's blogs because I don't get much time to do so, but I really felt the need to comment today.

    I subscribe to your blog because I love your work. I agree with the other comments today. Your work is fabulous. Ok, so it's not usually frilly and over-done, but clean and "simple" is a good thing!!!

    Just thought I'd let you know that I like ALL your work! Keep it up!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I love clean and simple and find it hard to achieve frilly myself although I can admire other peoples work.

    Love your card today, the neutrals work beautifully. x

  5. Rita, my friend..."simple" is not a bad thing. Although I know what you mean about it sounding like it took no time at all to whip up a creation. Your work is always gorgeous, classy and full of your awesome style. You inspire me every time you share a new project. That is one fantastic gift basket you donated, too. Have a great day! :) Hugs!

  6. Rita, I love "simple" and I think you make BEAUTIFUL cards!! I am not a fan of cards that are over done or have a lot of layers, details, etc..I like simple cards that get right to the point. I know when I make a comment about loving a simple card it doesnt mean I think less work went into it!

    You create awesome projects Rita!

  7. Hi, I don't usually make a lot of comments but I wanted you to know that when I think of simple, I think of it as being a clean card that I would want to make or that I feel inspired to create from. I'm not a "fussy" stamper and I love your style! Keep up the great work!!!!


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