Saturday, April 7, 2012

Club Cards

I thought I'd share the cards we made at club last night.   I hope the ladies enjoyed them.  :)
I just had to demonstrate Send Me Soaring before the mini catalog ends this month.  It is one of my favorite sets and so perfect for this time of year!   I made over one of my Friday Mashup cards because I just loved the colors and design!
For our technique card, we used the Distressing Essentials kit and the Stained Mosaic technique.  I love the vintage look of this one.   Soft Suede works so perfectly with the Tea Stain ink from the kit!

Here's what I did yesterday.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays because I just love bunnies, baskets, and hiding eggs!    I couldn't resist putting together a little basket for Laila.   I'm pretty sure Jason thinks I've lost my mind, but I'm just SOOOO excited and love her so much already.  

Finally, I wanted to mention that I did change the comment settings on my blog.   I had allowed anonymous commenting for a while, but someone left a hurtful comment the other night that really upset me and it is now off.   I hope from here on out that anyone who has any issue with me or my work will have the courage to email me so that I can at least defend myself.  To be accused of copying someone else's work, especially when it is untrue is very hurtful. I believe I know the particular card this person was referencing and it was made almost 4 months after mine.  After having my cards repeatedly copied with no credit and my photos even taken at one point, I'm very sensitive to this issue. I try so hard to always give credit back if I am inspired by another person's work.   As a human, I'm not perfect of course, but I do try my best.   Anyway, sorry to those who were able to comment before but won't be able to now.  


  1. this card is so sweet Rita ~ so sorry to hear that you've been hurt through a bad comment! Happy Easter and I hope you have a blessed day :-)

  2. First of all, your club cards are rockin!! Love them both! I'm telling you girl, you and that kite stamp set are a perfect match. I always love what you whip up with it. Next up, very well said in reference to your "blogging meanie!" I'm sorry that happened to you. :( Hope Easter was great, my friend! Hugs!

  3. First, let me just say your club cards are awesome, I love them!

    Second, to address the issue you brought up? Seriously? WTH is wrong with people? They think they can hide behind their keyboard and say whatever they want. Dont pay attention to people like that Rita because they are just cowards. If they dont have the guts to use their name when making accusations(and wrong ones at that)then they are pretty sad and arent worth the time.

    You are awesome and so very talented, dont let anyone make you feel otherwise!

  4. Well said Rita!!!!! Your work is always AMAZING to me! Remember that comments like that usually come from jealousy of your talent!


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