Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm on a roll!

I finished up my third digital page this morning!  It's really becoming super fun for me.   I pinned a bunch of scrapbook sketches yesterday and am finding them fun to do.  It's a bit like all the challenges that I'm addicted to.  This page is loosely based on this layout.  I am still using the free trial of the program, but I'm totally putting the upgrade to MDS2 on my next order.  It is AWESOME!  I love recoloring the stamps!  I need to visit the SU YouTube page and watch the videos so that I can learn more tips and tricks.   I am more of a click and see what it does kinda girl, but I need to expand my horizons and learn from others.  :)   

I'll try to make a card this weekend so that you aren't missing that part of my sharing too much. Ha!  I've been working on some cards for my design teams since I hope to go back to them soon.   I almost have all the cards made for September for Friday Mashup and will be starting some for Freshly Made Sketches soon.  Busy, busy, busy!   


  1. Adorable, Rita! Keep at it...I may just get one done to your ba-jillion pages. :-)

  2. I remember that when I first saw this picture I thought it was about the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. And now you've made it even sweeter! Your intrepid scrapbooking is very inspiring. So much so that I'm inching closer to upgrading to MDS2 - maybe in the new year!


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