Friday, October 26, 2012

Soaring in the Air

It's been a couple of days, but I finally have a new card for you!  This is for Lisa's 'Up in the Air' challenge for Hope You Can Cling To.  Here's her description:  Create a card with something that can be found UP in the air! Some simple examples are birds, a kite, balloons, etc. Be creative, but think of things that that are up are "IN" the air.  Of course I had to pull out my kites for this one!  It is one of my all-time favorite sets and I just love using it!   I also love using it with this color combination; this is the second card that I've made with them together in fact!  :)  

Here's my little pink giraffe with her little pink giraffe.  She's been something else this week!   She's started "talking" so much more; she's turning into a little chatterbox.  She's been breaking out of her swaddle a lot and waking herself up which means less sleep for the whole house!   I can't believe she'll be 4 months old tomorrow.  The time is just flying by.   She's such a sweet baby and so happy most of the time.  She gets a bit upset about nap time, but other than that she's usually smiling and loving life.   We are so in love with her and feel so lucky to have her.   


  1. Great card. Love the texture on the brown card stock. And your little one is just so adorable! I enjoy seeing your posts about her as well.

  2. Oh, I love this Rita! So crisp and clean!

  3. Cute cute cute card - love those little kites and the scene you've created.

    Hope the sleeping situation improves soon.

  4. Not that I'm putting in a request or anything but this would be an awesome birthday card for one of your Texas friends next month. Lol!! Love this sweet scene you have created. This set always reminds me of the Regionals in San Antonio. You were there...remember??! :)


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