Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Favor and a card!

Before I get to the card and Laila, I have a HUGE favor to ask.   If you've been following my blog for a while you know that we lost our precious Eli almost four years ago to a disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).   It is classified as a "rare" genetic disorder so most families aren't aware of it until the day that they are told their child will die from it.   Because the community of those affected by it is somewhat small, research  and support dollars to help find a cure are not always easy to come by.   Thanks to social media, we've managed to win some contests over the last few years and work together to help with that.  Right now one of our organizations, The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, has a chance to win $1 million dollars through Chase American Giving Awards on Facebook. They will be using the money to help buy iPads for those affected by SMA.  This could allow them to finally have a means of communicating and open up a whole new world of interacting and learning!  If you have an account over there, PLEASE consider voting. It would mean so much to the families affected by this disease.  You can only vote once, so it's just a few minutes of your time.   Here's the link to make that happen: 

Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

I missed the chance to play along with this fun sketch at Try Stampin' On Tuesday, but I pinned it for a later date and that just happened to be yesterday.  :)   I am trying to work on some teacher thank you cards and birthday cards for kids so I'm relying on my pinned sketches for inspiration.   My card isn't exactly the sketch, but it's close.  

Hopefully there's a sweet teacher out there who will one day love this card.  I thought the colors were so pretty together.  It's a combination from the Color Coach and I love it, but struggle sometimes to make it work.  It came together so easily on this one!  It really just depends on the stamps and type of card you are making with those color combos.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.   

Yesterday we had our picture with Santa day.   She's not looking too happy here, but I think the photographer captured some good shots.   I'll post the one we decide on once we get the proofs and pick one.  I didn't realize how bit that bow was until we got there.   I thought she needed one since the jammies were not super girly, but dang it's big!  


  1. Rita,

    I have gone and voted for the organization you mentioned. Thank you for sharing, not only your struggles, but your beautiful baby girl and your inpsiring cards!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog this summer and have followed it ever since. I will most definitely go vote to help find a cure for SMA! My sweet neighbor lost her little boy to SMA a couple years ago and her 2 year old also has SMA. It breaks my heart. Good for you to help bring awareness so that hopefully a cure can be found. Thanks for all of your wonderful stamping ideas as well!

  3. Voted! And love the card and sweet Laila!

  4. My vote is in! And that picture of Laila is too funny!

  5. Voted! :)

    I love this card and the picture of Laila! What a little cutie pie!


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