Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nothing to Celebrate!

I thought I'd share another reject from my recent stamping for club session.    I love this set but it wasn't liking me last week!    I rarely use River Rock and maybe grabbing it first was the problem.   This was using a previous sketch from the Fab Friday stamping challenge.   I'm keeping it short today because I have a million and one things on my to-do list.  I wish I had a clone that could go do the grocery shopping! 

This stubborn girl is still working on crawling.   I'm beginning to think we are just going to skip it but we'll see.  She still manages to move around and get into stuff, so I'm guessing that is all that matters to her.  It's just bad when EVERYONE keeps asking if she's crawling.   I get that panicky feeling that she's behind or something.   


  1. Love this, Rita! Great colors and nice simple layout!
    Don't worry...your baby girl will get crawling soon enough....and you'll be surprised how fast she'll move! Dana thought the same thing about Cassidy and she did it when she was good and ready! She sure is cute!

  2. She'll crawl when she's ready. Don't let people's questions get to you. All babies grow at their own pace. :-) My older daughter walked at 9 months, and my youngest is 13 months and just started, so even in families it's totally different. My older didn't talk til almost 2, and the younger is babbling up a storm.

  3. I do not look at this card as a reject! Admittedly I have a pack of this color as well and rarely use it, but it still has it's place! DO NOT worry about Laila crawling...our son was sort of a Sweet Pea scooting around and didn't crawl til just before he walked at 13 months. Do not let people make you feel badly! I had pressure from my SIL whose daughter was about 4-1/2 mons younger and I had to learn not to pay attention to what she said...each child moves at their own rate....just love what she does when she is ready! Hugs to you and your family!

  4. I like this and wouldn't have thought to stamp it in cherry! Our Jack didn't crawl until after he started walking! All in good time.


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