Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seriously CSI Style

Hold up!  Before you start thinking I'm weirdo, hear me out, okay?  :)   One thing you probably don't know about me is that I have a Master's degree in forensic science.  I haven't used it because I never really found a job down here in Texas, but I have it.   When I saw last month's stamps from My Paper Pumpkin the idea for this card came to me.   Unfortunately I wasn't a subscriber so I didn't have the stamps.  Bummer, right?! One of my fellow demos hooked up up though, so today I finally got to bring my card to life.   I am sending it straight to my best friend from grad school because I know she'll get it.   Blood spatter cards aren't for everyone of course.   CSI fans may appreciate one if you have someone in your life who enjoys that show.  ;)  

My hands look like a crime scene too after messing with the red reinker.  I am hoping it comes off at some point today!  Yikes!  

Now if you aren't a subscriber to My Paper Pumpkin, you can be like me and get on board now before you miss anymore cool stamps!   Go check out the website:  My Paper Pumpkin.  You have until tomorrow I believe to subscribe and get a kit this month.   

Have I mentioned how much I love this girl?  :)   She's just too cute!    And she's awake so I'll wrap this up and see you later!  


  1. No I do not believe you love that cute bundle of love!!!!
    Love this card. Big on cop related shows. Blood and all.

  2. I think that card is pretty funny! My husband teases me that he worries because all my favorite TV shows are murder mysteries--NCIS, Castle, Bones, even Grimm. I told him not to worry, if I ever attempt to commit the perfect crime, he'll be my accomplice and not my victim ;)

  3. This is fabulous! Love the sentiment and the layout to your card!

  4. What a clever and funny card! I love that it means something to you because of your degree. I could give it to all my friends who love CSI and all those "blood splatter" shows haha. :)

  5. Actually I love the medical and hospital shows....and some of the this is not shocking and until you kind of explained it, I thought it was just a neat splattered card...still think that! Know your fellow graduate will love it! You are sooo creative! And speaking of creative, you and your husband....and that most adorable Laila....just want to kiss those sweet cheeks! TFS!

  6. I wanted to be a pathologist when I was younger, after watching an US TV programme called Quincy - this was when US shows were rarely shown in the UK as we only had 3 channels! As I got older I realised that I'm too squeamish to cut into body parts, but I've ended up in Pathology doing blood tests!
    Adore your cards as they are always fabulous, and hoping we get this set in the UK to send to my (forensic science) niece - she'll appreciate the sentiment at another level :)


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