Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stampin' Up! Hello Lovely Laila

For those of you who were at Convention, did you happen to see Laila?  :)   She was there....twice!!!!  I used this cute Instagram picture for my Hello, Lovely page.  It just seemed to fit the stamps so well. I am SO not a scrapbooker even though I started out doing that and not cardmaking.  I struggled to get my three pages made!  To make it more scrapbookish I did go back and add a strip of journaling, but I forgot to retake a picture. My friend Mindy took some pictures of it at Convention, so here it is on the boards:

I'm waiting for her to wake up right now to get our day started.  I just had a bit of time to relax, have a coffee, and do this post.   Jason is working overtime today so it is just me and her.   She was a bit rough yesterday, not wanting to nap and then fussy because she was tired.  I hope it's better today.   12+ hours with no breaks wears me out!   I can already tell that the toddler years are going to be hard ones for me.  July is hard enough (my Eli's birthday is next Friday) mentally for me and adding in a cranky little girl doesn't help.   Maybe we'll get out today and look for some flowers to take out to the cemetery next week.  I'll let her grab the bunch that appeals to her even though she won't understand what we are doing yet.  <3 nbsp="" p="">

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