Friday, October 18, 2013

Blingtastic Hope

This is the last of the HYCCT cards I have made up.  I didn't get any made yesterday, so I'm falling way behind.  I really really REALLY hope I can catch up on Sunday!   This was for Donna's challenge to use glitter and rhinestones on your card.  I chose a simple sheet of the 8x8 paper I had for breast cancer awareness and trimmed it down.  I thought it was perfect to bling out!  No stamping required.  :)  

Laila does not want to let go of Buba (zebra) to eat, so he's getting a bit dirty.  I don't know if she's clinging to him because her teeth hurt or what, but everything requires his presence.

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  1. You're doing great on your card making. There are lots of articles online about children's attachment-totally normal and happens at this age as they start to explore the world. Be happy it's just a stuffy-my son now 35 took to a pink double bed wool blanket. He would rub the satin ribbon while he sucked his thumb (that went away and no braces required), so much so that I had to replace the ribbon. He won't let me throw it out yet!!-it's stashed behind the sofa in the rumpus room. (He does live on his own, he's not hiding in the basement). Maybe when they cart me off to the nursing home, he'll let it go.


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