Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cover It Up!

Another HYCCT card... this was one challenge that drove me nuts because I had zero ideas!   I hate when I get stumped on a challenge; it becomes a huge frustration for me and I avoid stamping.  I'm glad to have this one completed!  Here's Sabrina's challenge:
So my challenge is to make a card with a hidden message (or image) which you can uncover by opening a flap or swinging a hinged tag or panel - not just opening the card .

I'm trying to use up some of my Regal Rose paper and ribbon since it's retired.  It seems to work for the challenges and I'm happy to watch my hoard diminish a bit.  

We did a lot of reading yesterday.  By we I mean all of us, even the cats.  lol  

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  1. You're doing great on the stamping! I look forward to seeing your cards and the lovely girl.


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