Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pinkterest Ombre Cake

I thought I'd share another Hope You Can Cling To challenge card with you this morning.  It had been a while since I pulled my Tasteful Trim die out, but it seemed like the perfect challenge for it.   Bridget's challenge was called Pinkterest.   Here's her description:

It's time to check out some fabulous inspiration from Pinterest, all in gorgeous shades of HOPEFUL PINK ! All you have to do is choose one of the photo's below to inspire your card and then tell us which one it is in your description - and we would LOVE to hear the details of why and how it inspired you too!

Here's the photo I picked:
 photo 6d639ea1-bb6d-4428-ae46-3902c86515b0_zps79f907ec.jpg

Isn't that fun?  I want to eat it! I love the ombre effect and just had to do it again.  :)   

Laila had a play date during my class yesterday.  One of my friends brought her daughter Emily up and they had a blast together.  She seems to be in a shy mode with adults, but sixth graders seem to be just fine.  It was nice to see them both having fun, but it does make me a little sad that she won't have a living sibling to play with. Emily is an only child, so maybe they can be honorary sisters.  Anyway, Emily was pushing her and her friends around in the pink mobile.  Too funny. 

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