Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stampin' Up! Boots

Sorry it's been a few days... It's been busy and I haven't been stamping much at all.  Early Sunday morning we had a pretty bad storm that knocked our power out until almost noon.   When I came through the house, I found that we'd left the door to the refrigerator cracked that night too, so everything was warm and had to be thrown out.   It was pretty much a day of waiting for the electricity to come on and then grocery shopping.  Fun, fun!   Yesterday Jason worked and I was just tired, so I only managed to finish this card.   It's for Jennifer's HYCCT challenge to use boots.   Big thanks to my friend Anne Marie for stamping me some boots!

This morning we took Laila to the pumpkin patch at a local church.  The ladies and gentleman working there were so sweet and she had such a great time.  She picked out her little pumpkin almost as soon as we got there and carried it herself the entire hour we were there.   :)

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  1. It's the boot! Yee haw! This is rootin' tootin' fabulous! :)


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