Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stenciled Class Projects

What a week!   We still don't know what's going on with Bandit other than he has an enlarged spleen and they are recommending a biopsy.  I spent almost 4 hours (most of them being aggravated that it was taking so long) at the vet on Thursday. Long, long day!   I do have something fun going on this weekend though.  I signed up for a class at Online Card Classes with a few of my buddies at Freshly Made Sketches and it started yesterday.  It's all about using stencils.  This is my first project for the sponging lesson taught by Debby Hughes.   It will be the one and only time you'll see me embossing on vellum; I have a trash can full of mistakes on that one!    

Everything is Stampin' Up! except for the sequins.  :)  Oh, and the stencil of course.  

My second project is all about misting and was taught by Julie Ebersole.  I have been having a rough time with these projects, so this one is simple to keep down on my frustration levels.  I tend to get very flustered, stressed, and aggravated when trying new things, so this class has been a stretch for me.  

I used rubbing alcohol, some Pool Party reinker, and the Stampin' Spritzers/Misters whatever they are called on a chevron stencil for a pretty easy background.  The hello was cut with my Cameo.  Easy and simple! 

Peanut butter and jelly... Oh my!!!!


  1. These cards are fabulous, Rita. And just think, at the end of the course, we can all (figuratively) pat each other on the back for learning something new! Hope you get some good news re Bandit soon.

  2. Beautiful! I was nervous about embossing on vellum too because it tends to warp when heated, but mine came out ok. Maybe because it was a pretty small piece? In any event I think these are pretty cool and I'm so glad we're learning new things together! I hope you have news about Bandit soon.


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