Friday, February 28, 2014

Stampin' Up! See Ya Later

I think I mentioned my time with my fabulous friend Jen Timko a few weeks ago.   I adore her and not just for her stamping abilities.  :)    Anyway...   as an Artisan gal she made a lot of the samples that were on display at our Leadership event.  I loved one of them so much that I just had to CASE it.   You can see her original here on her blog.   Isn't that sun just GENIUS?!  I love it so much.   

Stamps:  See Ya Later (SAB)
Ink:  Basic Gray
Paper:  Smoky Slate, Daffodil Delight, Whisper White, Brights and In Color DSP stacks
Tools:  Banner punch (SAB), Word Bubble framelits, 1 3/4 circle punch

Now if you notice, I didn't just remake her card exactly.   For some reason, people seem to think that CASE means to duplicate a card exactly, down to the exact colors.  I don't believe that is true at all.   While it's good to find inspiration in the work of others, it is great to put your own spin on it.  I get emails sometimes asking which pink or blue that I used on a card.  Who cares?!  Use the one that looks good to YOU!  In fact, totally change up the color scheme and don't use pink or blue at all!   

CASEing was a huge discussion among my friends last week because so many people seem to do it without mentioning that they weren't the original creator of the card or not bothering to give proper credit.   I see a lot of "I saw this on Pinterest" lately.  Who knew Pinterest stamped?  They don't do they?  Go that extra step and be kind to those who create.   Take a minute to link back to the person who inspired you and recognize that while you might have been able to copy a card in a short time, they probably spent a lot of time designing it.   

The other HUGE issue is reposting people's pictures or pictures of people's work.   HUGE no-no!   While you can "pin" it, don't just take photos.  I found one of mine posted on our demonstrator website by someone else last weekend and was a bit unhappy.   It's something that I seem to run into at least one or twice a year and it's a huge headache.  Don't do that.   Really, don't do that.  If it's not YOUR picture or YOUR card, don't do that.  Just don't.  

I had a couple questions I wanted to answer for one of my awesome readers.  Tami had asked me about where I found a list of daily challenges.  I don't have a list of all of them, but if you are looking at my actual blog, about halfway down on the left side there's a list of links to the ones I know about.   She also asked about the stamp set used in this card and it's called Love & Care.  If I use a SU set, I try to remember to put the name of the set in the title of my post, so look for that if I forget to mention it.  I feel like I'm writing posts at nap time or before I crash for the night and I never remember things!

We almost have feeding our baby down.  lol  Almost.  Ha!   I wanted to try sharing a video of Laila, but I don't know if it will work.  Maybe this link will work? 

Whew.  Long post!  I need a coffee after all that.  lol  Have a great weekend! 


  1. Well written and so informative! Adorable card, Rita! I love what you did with the SAB items!

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  3. Can't agree with you more Rita, really well said. Love your card too - as I do all of your creations. Sorry I haven't had a lot of time for leaving comments but I do stop by regularly and just love watching Laila grow. She's getting such a big girl now and oh so adorable.


  4. Beautiful card Rita - it's a really lovely CASE! I totally agree with everything you said in your post - so well written.

  5. Fab card, Rita and brilliant post!

  6. I really like your blog, Rita. As a former English teacher, I totally agree with what you said today about not citing other people's work. That is called Plagiarism! Big no-no, and to me, it negates the Caser's work. We would fail plagiarizers' papers, so not giving credit on a card is a failing grade as well. In conclusion, card crafters, we are all better than this, so cite, cite, cite! It's something to put in front of your brain before you post anything. The stamping community is smaller than you think! Someone is bound to notice!
    Keep up your good work, Rita, both in stamping and child rearing! (Preachy, aren't I, just like a retired English teacher!)

  7. Wonderful post! You are so spot on! And your card is beautifully cased!

  8. Perfect! Thanks for the shout out and I LOVE this card. It is fabulous!! This is so well worded. Fantastic post from start to finish.

  9. Well said Rita. Thanks for drawing attention to this. I'm sure everyone has had their work hijacked a time or two!

  10. This topic is so important to those who are kind enough to share their creations! I love that stampers are so willing to share their art, how they created their art and what products they used -- so sorry you have had people sharing your art and not giving you credit. I used to blog and then quit and haven't gotten back into it...yet. When I do, I hope I can be as kind and eloquent on this subject as your have been.

    Thanks for the video link. She is such a cutie and I love that you share her with your readers. Just makes my day to see those baby blues underneath a great card -- it's a TWOFER!

  11. Your card is fabulous! Love the clouds, rolling hills, colors...great! Thank you for reminding people how to post correctly when they CASE a card...always helpful advice! Love Laila feeding the baby....hope it survived her sitting on sweet!


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