Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stampin' Up! Vivid Vases

Vivid Vases was one of the sets we received at Leadership, so I thought we'd use it at my hostess club this month.  I really loved the make-and-take we did, so I recreated it with what I had on hand.  :)   It's nice to have the design work done for you sometimes.  I had fun watercoloring the vases and flowers with my Aquapainter.   Do you like to color?  I usually don't but this set seems fun for that.  

Laila seems to have hit the stage where she wants to pick out her own clothes.  Yikes.  Yesterday she brought me a shirt she wanted on and I had to change her.  Today she picked out this outfit when Jason was getting her dressed.   It should be interesting to see how this progresses.  I hope it doesn't add to the million things she already has meltdowns over, but I'm sure it will.  Sigh.   It's been a long, long week.  

Bandit's biopsy came back that he doesn't have cancer.  So happy for that, but they still have no idea what's wrong.   The next thing is an endoscopy/colonoscopy or exploratory surgery.   Or just waiting to see if he improves.   It is very frustrating that we've hit over $1,000 and have no real answers.  We are going to wait a bit since he seems better.  If it gets any worse, I think a second opinion will be needed to see if someone else can figure out things.  We aren't going to have anything left for treatment at this rate.   

It looks like Laila wants to go shopping, so I guess we are heading out for a bit.  Have a great weekend!


  1. What a great color combo, letting those colors "pop" against the black background. I do like to color...just a little, though, nothing too time consuming. Glad Bandit doesn't have cancer, sorry you don't have the answers you need. As for Laila, she cracks me up! Did she pick out the necklace, too? At least she picked out matches!

  2. Cute card! I really enjoy my daily update of Laila's activities. I smile each time I see that cute face. Just remember that they grow so fast -- enjoy it while you can! My son is 23 this year and I would gladly trade my life to when he was a toddler -- how I wish to hold him in my arms again!

    When you did your online stencil class, where did you find it? I'd love to try something like this and really enjoyed your samples.

  3. Your card is how you hilighted or sidelighted the water in the vases and sweet colors of the flowers. And as for Miss Laila, she has wonderful her outfit...she has a bit of a proud look on her face! Happy to hear that Bandit does not have cancer but frustrating that they can tell you nothing else. Once we had a cat that became ill just before we went on a trip...after leaving her at the vet and them taking an xray without letting us know, it turned out that she apparently ate some kind of lizard or something and the bones got stuck, small as they were. He got better very fast after the bits were moved along. Best of luck with all of that!


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