Sunday, March 23, 2014

Clean & Simple Cards

I finally took a bit of time to work on some cards for the class I'm taking.  I did cheat a little as they aren't really one layer cards, but I kept messing up and had to go down to working on a panel that I could trim down after I finished.   It took a lot of attempts for me to get a plaid background that looked like this and it still needs a lot of work to look good.  Post It tape really helped out a lot and I think I'm on the right track!   It's definitely a process to do and if you aren't good at masking (like me), it will take some effort and practice.  I'm going to keep trying as I think it is a super fun look!

For my second card I tried graffiti stamping.  I didn't really have good stamps for this one, but I tried.  I did the inlaid die cutting again for my teacher die and then stamped around it.   Not my favorite card and again, more practice and some new stamps will be key! 



  1. I love plaids and am fascinated by yours (I always saw two colors using the lines ef and just changing the angles) but this looks wonderful! And think your other card is great - graffiti - very fun...again have no idea about the way you put 'teacher' in but will go to SPS to figure it out. Wonderful work and look forward to seeing future cards on these techniques. Very cute peek-a-boo....

  2. So jealous! We had a death in the family the week before last and I've been since last Monday so I haven't even made it through all the classes. I think your cards look awesome! Love the pink -- she's got such muscular little legs and I see tomboy in there for certain!

  3. These came out great Rita! I have to get busy on some homework!


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