Saturday, July 12, 2014

AEIHeartU Baby

Sorry for the not so great picture.  I finished too late for the good lighting and wanted to get it posted while I had a minute to sit down.   I just got in some new stamps and wanted to play along with the AEIHeartU challenge using one of them.   I also need more baby cards, so the theme was a pretty easy choice.  ;)   The challenge this week was to use just one word on your card.  Fun, right?!

Challenge 11

I might sneak and take a better picture tomorrow once there's better light, but we'll see how that plays out.   We have company coming for breakfast and I know it will be a busy morning.   Quiche and company are totally worth it though.  

Here's another picture from Laila's birthday.  Jason says it is her "Toddlers & Tiaras" picture.  lol   This week has been much better than last week.   I think Jason and I were both about to run away last week and I knew we had to figure out something.   My friend recommended the 1-2-3 Magic book and so far it seems to have helped.  Toddlers are just crazy little humans aren't they?   Right now she has a cough and it has me wondering what's going on.   I feel like the worry that comes with a sick child is so magnified after you lose a little one.   I had awful dreams last night because I was worried about her.    I just have to keep telling myself that it's just a cough and she will be fine.  I just hope it's not a summer cold coming on because those are the worst!  Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight...  


  1. I really like this card. Thanks to you, I now know about another challenge to follow, if I can remember LOL. Love the close up pic of Laila - such beautiful eyes! So glad that this past week has been better for you. I think about you often.

  2. Such a sweet card! I love how you perched the bunny on the sentiment! Thanks so much for joining us at Avery Elle's Challenge!

  3. Rita, I came to your blog from the SCS forum on blogs. I think you have a great balance of personal information and your great cards. I love your style! And your daughter is just adorable.

  4. Your card is one of the sweetest baby cards that I've seen...! And Miss Laila...her eyes are fabulous and stunning...had to laugh at dad's description of T&T...not quite but she could win a competition with out all of the make up and expensive and fancy clothes....she is your Princess!

  5. such a pretty card! Love that negative die cut sentiment. Thank you for joining the AE Challenge!

  6. Your card is adorable! Thanks for playing the AEI♥U Challenge!


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