Saturday, August 16, 2014

All You Need Is...

Happy Saturday!   It feels like a bit of a long day here.  I had a headache earlier and ended up sleeping it off and then working on some fundraiser cards that are on my to-do list.   I needed a bit of a fun break after dinner, so I grabbed my SSS August kit and did a bit of stamping.  I keep looking at it and hate to use the paper, but there's really no point in getting it if I need to save everything, right?!   So, tonight I cut it.  *gasp*  Just a simple card, but I am finally embracing the white and enjoy simple.   

Now I want some ice cream.  Sigh.   I keep hearing from my northern friends about them being cold and I just sit here sweating and being jealous.  I do miss being a bit north where there are seasons.  Texas is just hot, hotter, and then less humid.  

Laila's most favorite thing in the world right now is unpacking the grocery bags.   Her eyes light up and she hops up in the chair to dig in.  It's funny, but now she's learning what everything is and wants this or that immediately.  She found the granola bars today and oh man!  lol   She usually eats pretty well, like salmon, risotto, and broccoli last night, so we do let her have granola bars and trail mix as a treat sometimes.  I figure it's better than straight up candy.   I feel lucky that she eats as well as she does because I hear some horror stories from my friends about their food battles with their kids.   We have enough battles without adding another one.  Ha!  


  1. Absolutely love this card -- I love your clean and simple style. I so look forward to your posts and your pictures of Laila -- she is such a cutie! When I get into my email, I search your post first and am always disappointed if you haven't posted yet or if it hasn't come through you. Keep it up!

  2. Wow what an amazing summery card :)simply superb!

  3. Kids and food are a funny thing. I have an 18-year old who has always only eaten the most basic of foods. Luckily that includes basic veggies and basic fruits so he is fairly well-rounded. I have a 14-year old who is totally adventurous and always wants new foods and new restaurants. (The two of them make cooking meals interesting!) Keep her interested in a variety of foods - it makes things more fun as she grows!

    I get you on the paper. My favorite papers have never been used. Sad, isn't it? But I'm glad you pulled it out, because it's a great addition to your sweet popsicle and sentiment!


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