Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Mail

This might be my last of the Dare to Get Dirty cards.  I was hoping to do a bunch of stamping yesterday and today, but it just didn't happen.  Sometimes I wish I could just have an entire day to do what I want.  Maybe I should ask for that for my birthday or Christmas?  :-)   I never realized how much I'd miss peeing alone or silence!   I know time is short, so I try to remember that time alone and silence will come and probably before I'm ready for it.   Anyway... this is a pretty simple card.  I used the awesome bee from Nature Walk. It's retired, so I hope you have it in your stash.  Great set for sure.   I sponged some So Saffron and Crushed Curry over a Heidi Swapp stencil for my hexagons.  The awesome sentiment is from Winnie & Walter.  I love that big happy.  

Laila got a late birthday present from my cousin Kelly this week.  She had a blast opening it all up.  It was nice for a bit of a distraction.   It was not a good week in many, many ways.   She is on a fake crying kick and it is so exhausting.   Tuesday was horrible as usual and I ended up crying and wondering what I was doing having a child.   Lately I just feel pulled in so many directions and so behind on everything.  The house never stays clean no matter how hard I try to work on it.  The laundry usually gets done, but folded is another story.   If I fold with Laila here, she unfolds faster than I fold.  The cats and Jason add in a lot of mess as well.  I do what I can, but that means most of it is halfway done or not at all.  I am thankful to get to stay home with Laila, but sometimes I think going to work and hiring a house cleaner would be heaven.   I keep thinking that maybe it is time to give up Stampin' Up! so that I'm not pressured to hold events.  I'm trying to hang in there in hopes of Laila getting in to a mom's day out program.  We are first on the waiting list and I'm crossing everything that someone drops.

Enough rambling... the dishes are waiting.  I just wanted to get my card posted so I can have all my DTGD cards on Splitcoast.   Thanks for listening to my rambling.


  1. Gorgeous! I just love your hexagons - great card! :)

  2. Hang in there!!! Being a Mom can be exhausting, but enjoy Layla while you can...the house and all the related work will keep...pressure to "do it all" is what you can let go of!!!

  3. Hey Rita, beautiful card! Just wanted to let you know that many women have been in your shoes. I remember when my kids were young. I was so keen on keeping the house clean, etc... I had to stop myself and ask, "Do I want my kids to remember a clean house and me always harping about that or do I want them to remember the time I spent with them." It was hard. I'm a little OCD when it comes to cleaning, but I changed up a few things. When I did laundry, I immediately folded it on my bed after it came out of the dryer. It just takes a few minutes at a time so my kids didn't have time to mess it up. I also let them help find the socks. That keep them distracted and not unfolding. I also had the kids do quiet time when they quit napping (which was at age 2!). I put a timer in their room and they had to stay on their bed, but could play with some quiet toys or look at books. When the timer went off, they could come out. If they were able to stay on their bed for all of quiet time, they got to put a sticker on a reward chart . We would have a reward for when the chart was full. Sometimes it was a new book, a toy, a treat, a date with dad, etc... I also used this chart for rewarding good behavior. When they didn't throw a tantrum, when they helped clean up toys, and just for any little good behavior. Even though Laila is young, she will learn very quickly that good behavior is a good thing. Hang in there! I have walked in your shoes and now have three wonderful kids, ages 16, 13, and 10. I have loved every stage of their growing up, but each one had its challenges. You can do it. You are stronger than you think.
    Also, sometimes it is good to have time away periodically. After a hard day with my two boys when they were toddlers, I told my husband that I wanted to run away. He was so sweet and got me a room at a local Bed and Breakfast and I was able to take a friend to dinner that night, go to my room and enjoy the quiet, watch a movie and got a great nights sleep. I went home the next morning refreshed!
    Wow! That's a lot of rambling. I wish you the best and remember, they grow up so fast. Enjoy this time you have with her.


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