Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stampin' Up! Four Feathers

I saw this awesome card over on the Stampin' Up! blog and just had to make one!  Jen C. really knocked it out of the park with her card.  I might tweak mine a little bit more because I don't love the sequins and feel like it needs a bit of something splattered on it.   We will be making this at my event this weekend, so maybe we can all do our own interpretation and make them all different.  :)

Laila says the best way to eat your peanut butter sandwich is to stick your fingers in and get out all the good stuff.  Don't bother with the bread.  ;)   So silly.   Today we are going to attempt watercoloring.  It should be fun.  It's also my first day to volunteer at the pet store with the cats that are up for adoption.   I hope I can give lots of snuggles and not get too attached.  

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