Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Inspiration from Prickley Pear

It's Monday and time for some Prickley Pear inspiration!   I just love my card this week.   Isn't that stamp gorgeous?  I had so much fun coloring it!   I also hit my stash of textured blue Bazzil because I really wanted to use a variety of blues.   Textured cardstock is one thing I tend to hoard as I LOVE it so much.  I need to start using it way more; there's always more available if I use my 3,456,432 sheets!  lol

Be sure you go check out the blog for all the other wonderful inspiration this week.

Laila had Santa pictures yesterday and they didn't go so well this year. :(   If we get any picture, it will be a screaming toddler one.   Poor dear.  She seems very shy and scared of people again.  Santa said most two year olds react this way, so I guess we move on and hope for better next year.


  1. Your card is so pretty. I DO love that stamp and you colored it well.

  2. Gorgeous indeed! Bluebirds in the snow - what a beautiful image. And your coloring is fantastic!

  3. OH wow! Your card is stunning in shades of blue! It just jumps off the blog page! So gorgeous! You captured a really sweet photo even though Laila didn't enjoy the experience!

  4. Even though I know it wasn't the picture you wanted, it still is cute. Daddy "protecting" his little girl while Santa looks on.

  5. Very sweet card! Two year old kids don't take well at strangers....she will grow out of it, just don't force her!


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