Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year in Review I

I always love to take the last two days of the year to look back at some of my favorite cards for the year.  It's fun to see if anything has changed or if I think I've improved.  This year brought a lot of big changes for me and I am excited to look back over the past 12 months.


This was using my Christmas gift last year, the Cameo.  One of my crafty goals for the coming year is to use it more.  I have a new mat arriving this week and should be all ready to go!


Not the best month of cards for me.  lol  I did make this one which I love.  There's something about black/white with a pop of red that just says elegant.


I just love this card so much.  It's such a fun mix of things and a different look for me!


We were out of town for a while in April, so not many choices. It looks like another rough creative month as well.  I do love this simple card that I made before we left for vacation.   The layout is fun and it has a simple, but pretty look.


This month I joined the Merry Monday team and my favorite card is actually a Christmas card.  I love the gray/blue/silver combo.  This month was a big game changer for my stamping as I got my first Copics for Mother's Day!


This month was one that was hard to pick just one!  I seemed to be enjoying my Copics already.  lol  I do love this pretty flower and the layout of the card.  

See you back tomorrow for the other half of the year!


  1. All fabulous cards! My absolute favorite of this bunch is March - I loved it when I first saw it on your blog and I love it now!

  2. What an awesome year of cards <3


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