Monday, January 5, 2015

Prickley Pear Monday Inspiration

It's Monday, so time for some new inspiration from Prickley Pear!   I wanted to switch away from Christmas for a bit, so I went with a favorite, vanilla, black, and the pop of a red flower.   So stunning and so gorgeous!  I got a darker red Copic marker for Christmas, so I was finally able to do a more true red and I love it!

Stamps/Dies:  CLR002 HibiscusPPRS-D002 Hibiscus Die Set

Be sure to go check out the blog for lots more inspiration!

Laila doesn't like me to take her picture much anymore, so I might not be sharing as much as before.  She is in a weird stage of that and not liking strangers (to the point of screaming and clinging on to us for dear life).   It's making it hard to have anyone over, but we'll make it through it.  Going to the doctor this week will be an ordeal for sure though.   Anyway, she came to snuggle with me on the bed the other day and had her two Hello Kitty purses, her Hello Kitty cup, and her hat.  She's so silly.


  1. This is simply stunning, just gorgeous! You are rocking your new red Copic marker!!

  2. very pretty. i need to use more text on my cards. it's such a nice effect.

  3. LOVE this card!! Very pretty!!

  4. Fabulous card! And Laila is so cute! My granddaughter hates having her picture taken (she's four). I keep telling her she won't have a scrapbook!


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