Saturday, May 16, 2015

TPD Paper Elements #2

Ack!  I could have sworn I posted this already!  I think my brain needs more coffee this week.  It's been such a crazy one!   Anyway...  This is my card for Two Paper Divas this week.  I love the new set that came out this month called Paper Elements #2.  It has a notebook paper stamp and a library card stamp.  Here I used the notebook paper with another TPD stamp, Love with Your Heart.

Paper Elements 2     love_with_your_heart2

We haven't seen the sun here in Texas for a while, so I think that influenced my choice of all neutrals!  I'm seeing some sun today, so I might be up for some bright colors if I stamp today.  :)

Laila has been getting sick in car every now and then and a friend suggested it might be car sickness.  To combat that, we decided to finally flip her to forward-facing.  She was getting close to maxing out the rear-facing capacity of her seat anyway, so it was almost to that point anyway.  I'm a bit sad about it, but I'm happy we made it to almost 3 years.  She is LOVING being able to see through the windshield and keeps asking to go for rides.  It's a constant chatter of what she sees and questions about things during the drive.   She doesn't miss much! 


  1. Love the neutrals on this. Anything with notebook paper is a win in my book!

  2. Cute card as always, my friend! And the little peanut is a cutie pie too!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Rita. It's so my style. :) The vintage worn look is a perfect combination for these stamps. Thanks for sharing! Melissa


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