Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let Freedom Ring for TPD

Can you believe it's almost July??   I wanted to use this awesome Let Freedom Ring set from Two Paper Divas again before the holiday came and went.  I kept it simple with a lot of white because I feel that patriotic cards can become busy and bright with too much red and blue.   I added in a bit of the gray from the patterned paper with a star stencil to tie it all together.   The Sweet Sunday Sketch challenge starts tomorrow, but I used the sneak peak they posted on Facebook for my card.  I'll come back and update my post tomorrow with the sketch.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  Today was the first day I went in my room since last Saturday.  I have hit a pretty big down spot and mostly just want to stay in bed.  Of course I can't do that with Laila, so I do have to get up and at least try to function.   I did good today; I stamped two cards and left the house.   In times like this, that's a huge accomplishment.  I am hoping this bad week passes and life becomes more normal.   I have always had issues with depression, but adding PMDD on top of it has just broken me.  I had PPD after I had Eli, but it wasn't anything like this.   Some days I don't even know myself for a week or two every month.  How sad is that?  Anyway....

My friend gave us some old dress-up clothes a while back and this week was perfect to get them out.   The rain kept us inside and my mood wasn't up to a lot of intense playing.   She had such a blast putting on these things and pretending to be different things.  I wish I'd gotten her some for her birthday.   I can't believe she will be 3 in a week!  So crazy!


  1. Love this clean and simple us of the Let Freedom Ring set. You definitely prove that less is more! Looks like your daughter is having a blast. I loved playing with old clothes as well as a child. She'll have many days of fun to come!

  2. Perfect! Love the simplicity. Thanks for sharing. Melissa


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