Monday, October 26, 2015

Bold Blossoms of Hope

Another Hope You Can Cling To card I made this weekend.  Laila helped me out with this one.   We made some fun backgrounds together with distress inks and clear blocks.  She picked my color and I only got this one, so here's what I made.  lol Angie challenged everyone to use the wrinkle free distress technique and it really does make a pretty background.  :)

Laila and I are still sick, so it was another rough night of coughing for us and no sleep for anyone.  I went and got some different medicines for us last night but they didn't help much either.   I just hope we are getting close to the end of it all.  Her tests all came back negative for flu, strep, or anything bacterial, so I'm guessing we just have a cold virus.  Fingers crossed for a better night tonight!  Poor Jason is getting worn out along with us because he's the caregiver for us both and not sleeping either.

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  1. Colds are the worst because there's absolutely nothing to do about it! I do love your card and I hope it made you smile while making it. Lovely, soft background for those bold flowers.


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