Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TPD Halloween Cupcake

I started this poor card days ago but just managed to finish it today.   One of the Hope You Can Cling To challenges was all about ombre, so I made a fun purple background with that effect.   For some reason, (Halloween?) I decided to pair it with green.   Don't you think this would be a fun birthday card for someone with a Halloween birthday?!   I love this Large Cupcake set from Two Paper Divas and find myself reaching for it way too much.  I love to color it!   Melissa and Gayla really did a great job on this set.  :)    I paired it with a sentiment from Banners #2.

I've been out of commission for a few days.   Laila has a cold and isn't sleeping so it's been rough going.   I think I was awake most of Sunday night and what I did sleep was in her floor and her recliner.  Boy does that make you feel old and broke down the next day.  lol  She did better last night and Jason as kind enough to take over night duties and give her meds.  We've had to watch her fever to avoid any febrile seizures.  Two is enough and I hope we don't have to see her go through one again. In fact, this time of day it is usually the highest so I'm off to do a check and see if it's time for more medicine!  Have a great week and I hope to be back to stamping more soon!


  1. Fun card and yes, it would be perfect for that special someone who has a Halloween birthday! :) Melissa

  2. Love this card and your cupcake looks yummy! Beautiful coloring!!!


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