Monday, December 28, 2015

Cool Day Bear

I thought I'd share the one card I was able to get a good picture of today.  I have several others that I just can't get photographed well, but the sun is finally coming out so maybe in a couple more hours!  That rain we've been having makes it tough to get a decent picture.   This card is for the MFT Card Challenges sketch challenge.  I am so in love the polar bears from Cool Day.  I am totally using them for cards all year so that I have some winter cards to mail out. I failed on getting Christmas cards mailed, so I'm going to switch to just making winter ones.  Surely I can get those sent since I have 3 months to do so. lol

I hope everyone had a good holiday.  Ours wasn't so great, but it is just normal for things to be that way lately.   Laila is having a lot of issues and it just makes things frustrating and difficult.  I am putting her in play therapy next month and we are doing an evaluation through the school to see if there's something there they can help with.   She is almost more than we can handle these days and we've found that it's not just us. The teachers at Mother's Day Out have a hard time as well.   We go and get her from there early now because it's too much for them to keep her all day.   I'm at a loss, so fingers crossed that the professionals can help.  Most people say she's just really really smart, but it's much more than that.   Sigh. 

Santa was still good to her and she got a train table.  She loves it and has played and played.  It keeps her busy and the tantrums/screaming aren't quite as frequent while she's playing.  I am hoping it will allow me to catch up on the house since I'm so behind and it's making me nuts.   I am ready for the tree and pine needles to go away!   I don't know if we'll do a real tree again or not.  lol  SO, MUCH. MESS.  

Okay, I'm off to finish up my bit of cleaning and figure out what we will be having for lunch.   I hope you are having a good Monday! 

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  1. Such a fun way to make the sketch your own! :) I also have a little fan of trains. Gotta love it! Happy New Year! Thanks for joining us on the MFT Challenge!! :)


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