Tuesday, December 8, 2015

For my awesome vet

I've been trying to do some acts of kindness this month and while some are for random people, I also wanted to show some love to the people who help make my life better. Our vet clinic does an amazing job with our animals, even the grumpy ones, so I made a card and took them some cookies last week.   They laughed and asked if I was trying to bribe them because they had my extra grumpy kitty that day.  :) I used some distress inks and water for the background and Avery Elle's Furry Friends set for my critters.

I had one of my lowest days in a long time yesterday.  Things are always rough in December, but this one even more so.   Laila is having so many issues at Mother's Day Out and Sadie is in crazy puppy mode.  It's become more than I can handle.  Bandit must have sensed that I was that down because he came and snuggled with me.   He always did this after Eli died, but now he normally stays in the front room and not with me.   I don't know how he knew, but he helped save me yesterday.  It reminded me why I do love my vet so much; he's still here.  He's my kitty that we've almost lost many time but they make him better.  I need him. <3 nbsp="" p="">

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