Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Chews You

Finally getting this poor card posted!  I made it last week and didn't like it so I kept looking at it and then finally pulled it apart and changed it up some yesterday.  I've had a migraine today and have barely felt like doing anything, so here it is the evening!   This is from a cute set from Two Paper Divas called I Chews You.  Is it not the cutest?!  I love gumball machines!   I couldn't get a good picture for some reason, but I think you can still see how adorable it is.

How cute are these two?   A rare moment of them being nice and not fighting!  I swear they are siblings!


  1. What can I say, this is just adorable! I'm going to miss you Rita. I hope to see you use some of our stamps on future projects. Merry Christmas! Melissa

  2. Adorable as always, Rita! Super cute card! Thanks for sharing!!


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