Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Share Joy with the Grumplings

I know I am!  lol  I love these Grumplings from Taylored Expressions so much.   This one and the sentiment are so me at the moment.  I feel like we just skipped weeks ahead and now I'm behind.   I haven't mailed out any cards, wrapped any gifts, or even hung the stockings!   Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day!   The layout for my card is from the sketch at the current TE Share Joy Challenge.  I just fudged a bit and made it into a rectangle since I have a mental block with square cards.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with my Two Paper Divas card and a couple of other miscellaneous cards I made a while back and haven't shared.  Until then...  

I thought I'd share my birthday gift before I left.  I turned forty (ugh) on Saturday and Jason gave me money to go shopping for the animal shelter as my gift. It's what I asked for and I'm so happy he listened.   It was great to fill the cart up and then drive it all down to the shelter.  I hope it helps the animals!  


  1. Cute card! Bless your buttons for donating your birthday present!! I'm sure the shelter appreciated it as well as their furry recipients! Happy belated birthday to you! Dotty :)

  2. I love the grumplings too. Your card is adorable. What a wonderful birthday gift. I hope you do something nice for yourself as well.

  3. Love your card and love what you did for your birthday, oh there are going to be some blessed animals this Christmas due to your generousity <3

  4. That's a lovely way to celebrate your birthday!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and the happiest of New Years!!

  5. I love the Grumplings, too! Very cute card! And good for you in donating to the shelter. Cheers!

  6. You are SO good with the Grumplings!!


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