Monday, March 14, 2016

Peep Anniversary

So Easter is my favorite holiday.  That's probably weird for someone who isn't really religious, but I just love it.  I think it's spring, the cuteness of bunnies and chicks, and of course the CANDY.   Making baskets is my most favorite thing!  When I saw the card kit from Simon Says Stamp, I had to get it because PEEPS!!!!!!!!   Who doesn't love Peeps?!   Even if you don't eat them, you have to admit that they are adorable.  :)   I made this anniversary card for Jason using it and an older sketch from My Favorite Things card challenge.  I added a little package of Peeps with it too of course.  :)

Laila and I took newspapers to the animal shelter today because they were in desperate need of them and then we went to Michael's.  Paint was on sale, so I let her pick out some new colors.   She does love to paint when she's not collecting ladybugs or screaming, so it's a cheap investment in fun.  lol   We had a rough weekend.  Yesterday was our 12th anniversary and it was a pretty awful day.  Jason was angry all day, Laila was whining and screaming all day, and I went to hide in bed before I had an anxiety attack.  Some days I wonder how we are going to make it through whatever this is.  Sigh.  Lots of day I think I don't even want to.

Anyway, happy Pi day.  I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Love this card - and I had no idea what on earth Peeps were, but now you tell me they are some sort of sweet/candy, so now I get it! Sorry you're having a rough time with your little one. 3 is a hard age for them. They are learning, and also finding out about themselves, still get tired and still can't fully communicate what they want. Tapping into that creative side is good. Thinking of you. xx

  2. I have read your blog for a year or so now; your cards are beautiful. I wanted to send you a hug from afar today because I remember how challenging being a mom of a 3 year old can be. Even now (my kids are in their late teens and twenties),when I think of them being three, I feel the frustration. If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice I would say that you're doing great, hang in there, things will get easier. My husband called these years "putting in your time". Hope that helps!

  3. Although I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like peeps I can apparently put my dislike aside for peep-themed stamps! I love how you've colored them. They really look 3D!

  4. Yeah I also love celebrating Easter. Every year, we make great plans for Easter party. This year I got engaged on this day. We will tie the knot soon and looking for affordable wedding venues NYC. Hoping to find the venue soon.


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