Thursday, April 28, 2016

Freshly Made Kindness

Sorry I'm so late with my Freshly Made Sketches card this week.  It seems to be a habit lately.  With Laila not going to MDO now, I don't have my Tuesday free to finish it up.   I did try to get it on time, but I made some major duds and had to start over.  Then of course the power went out from storms we had early yesterday morning and then the Internet was out!   Once that all fixed itself, I figured out what I somehow deleted all my computer programs when I tried fixing my laptop after some of the power flickers.  Goodness!  But I managed to figure out a way to at least get it on here, so here it is!   Sorry Jen T, for being late for your awesome sketch!

I used another set that had never seen ink, Paper Smooches Botanicals 3.  It's a fun set of different leaves and flowers.  I am not the best at making backgrounds, but it was fun to try.  I thought I'd add a little gift card for coffee and send it off for a friend.  The sentiment is from an awesome Hero Arts set that is all about kindness.  You should totally add it to your collections to help send out those little random acts that brighten days.  

We went on an awesome field trip this week.  We visited the Houston Police Department's Mounted Patrol and fed the horses.  They will eat carrots right out of your hands!  It was such an amazing experience.  Laila loved it!   


  1. This is such a happy spring card! Totally a contrast to your weather for sure. Glad you were able to eek out a little bit of time to stamp. What cool horses....sounds like a field trip I would enjoy!

  2. Love your scattering of flowers and leaves! I am so ready for spring! Our leaves are just starting to come out! And Laila is braver than me!

  3. I think you do backgrounds just fine! When I first saw this I thought it was some fancy paper!

  4. This background is so pretty! I love those flowers and leaves! Definitely brightened my day!!!

  5. You did so well on that background. It's so striking and so bright. It's really cheery. Horses always a winner with children! xx


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