Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stenciled: The White Space

Another card using stencils!  This was the first example taught in the Online Card Classes Stenciled class and I tried to copy Debby's technique and card.   It's a lot of white space for me, but I like how it turned out. I am enjoying going back and doing some of the lessons from this class!  I think I'll look back at the other classes I've taken there as well, so stay tuned for weeks of masking and one layer cards too!

I surprised Laila with some bristle blocks this weekend.  She loves playing with them at school and I wanted to have them here for her.  We decided this week to pull her out of the MDO program she's been attending.  The teacher had a talk with me about teaching Laila to obey people other than her parents and during that discussion she told me that Laila's spirit needed to be broken.  I was upset to hear that.  I know Laila has problems, but she doesn't need to be broken.  :(  Out of nowhere at breakfast on Thursday Laila told me that there were too many kids and that the teachers didn't listen to her, so I think it's just been a bad fit.  They never have anything nice or positive to say about her, so I just can't keep taking her to that type of environment.  We are going to an appointment with the nurse at the local elementary school on Thursday and will follow through with an evaluation to see if she has any issues that are leading to these problems at school. I am also going to talk to her peditrician to see if we need to have any other evualuations or assessments.  Everyone I've talked to seems to think she's just gifted, but I don't know...  She does seem to have some social issues, but we are working on those as best we can.   This parenting thing sure isn't easy!


  1. Love the cards! You are so adventurous in trying new things and I don't seem to be able to get out of my box. As far as Laila, I agree -- don't break her spirit! This too shall pass -- she's a small person who is learning to get along in her world and we don't always learn at the same speed. Glad to hear that you aren't listening to every opinion that comes your way. Pray about it and you'll know what way to go. She is a child of God too!

  2. What a beautiful card! Well done you for leaving the white space alone - it really makes the colours stand out. I'm so sorry to hear about your experiences with the program she's been going to. No one needs their spirit to be broken. They may need teaching how to behave, and have hard lessons in learning they are not always the ones in charge, but never ever broken. She's not a horse, she's a child who needs to be loved in order to grow. We are all individuals trying to fit in as best we can, and we need encouragement to do this, and support, not breaking. Parenting is very hard, and you are doing your very best for her. That's all you can do. Keep going, the early years are hard as you all try to work out your place in the group. Hugs! xx

  3. I always love to see your beautiful cards - they lift me up! I remember way, way back when I was in school - I once had a teacher who thought spirits should be broken. It was a horrible year! I thought those types of teachers were gone, but sadly not. Good for you to stand up for your little girl!


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