Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hello Gnomie!

Believe it or not, I'm still alive!  lol  My laptop is not.  Boooo....  But, I did get this awesome new desktop for Christmas and now I'm learning to use it for something other than Netflix and Hulu!  Windows 10 seems to have ruined my laptop, so we'll see if we make friends as I learn to use it on my desktop.  Anyway...  I did a bit of stamping today and made a card with some new My Favorite Things stamps.  I love these cute gnomes and wanted to play along with their current sketch at the MFT Card Challenges blog.
Isn't that a great sketch?  I hope the person I made my card for will enjoy getting a cute gnome and some fun red mushrooms!  It would definitely brighten my day! 

Isn't Laila so cute in her leggings?  She loved mine and asked for her own pair of "pajama clothes" so I got her some.  She picked the pattern out herself and she likes them because they have "G"s on them.  :)   She had her evaluation with the school last week and passed with flying colors.  In fact they were so impressed with how smart she is that they asked her questions that were for 6-8 year olds just to see if she could answer.  Their recommendations were Montessori school and lots of social activities.  We can't really afford Montessori school since it can be as much or more than our mortgage, so we are on a search for something similar.  


  1. Before you discount montessori school, call them and see if they have scholarships available for parents who can volunteer. This would be awesome for her and aren't you glad you finally know that she is gifted and not a brat? Glad she's out of the other place.

    Glad you are still crafting! Perhaps you could do classes in public places to help earn the $$ for her schooling -- libraries, adult education, craft stores, etc. You are so talented! Use what God gave you! Honestly, even as a stamper myself, if I lived near you, I would buy your things because you do such a great job!

  2. This is so super cute - love that little gnome and the patterned paper is such a lovely touch. I'm so pleased to hear Laila had a great evaluation and it shows she's clearly bright. I've only ever heard good things about Montessori, so I would look into seeing what you can do to get her into one. Xx


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