Monday, May 9, 2016

Rescue Dogs Rock

Sorry if I rattled on too much on this post.  I am a major animal lover and it came out a bit too much.

After we rescued Sadie I really started paying attention to a lot of our local dog rescues.  Texas has a bad animal overpopulation and an even worse owner responsibility problem.  The shelter we got Sadie from takes in over 27,000 dogs a year.  When it was built, it was built with a yearly intake of 12,000 a year in mind.  They aren't allowed to deny any dogs or cats, so they get up to 80 a day on average.  It is such a sad situation.  Thankfully our county voted and they are getting money to expand the shelter.  They also got a grant from Petco to build a transfer station to hold dogs until they can be transported where there is more of a need for dogs.   They also debuted a new mobile adoption vehicle last month which will help them get the animals out and in view of people!

Anyway... one of the rescues has pulled some injured and abused dogs and totally changed their lives.  To see their transformations is amazing!   I wanted to send them a little card to say thanks and let them know that their work is noticed and appreciated.  I try to donate my class fees and other money to them when I can, but it never feels like enough.   If you have it in your heart to donate, please check out their website.  Let me know if you donate and I'll send you a handmade card from me!

If you have Facebook, check out their page and you'll see some before/after pictures and be amazed! If you see Flora and Tulip, those are the dogs that I tried to color the ones on my card like.  :)  I sent it anonymously from them.  :)

All the stamps and dies are from My Favorite Things.


  1. What a lovely card and for such a great cause. I'm not a huge animal lover, but it always pains me to see how people treat them and have friends who have rescued greyhounds after they've been dumped for being too old or slow to race. I think humans are pretty dreadful! Your background is beautifully blended. Xx

  2. What a perfect card for a fabulous cause!

  3. Thanks for bringing attention to such an important issue. Our dogs have been rescue dogs too. Your card is spot on and I am sure they will love it.


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