Thursday, October 13, 2016

Falliday for Christmas

Still working my way through the fun Falliday challenges over on Splitcoast.  I miss Hope You Can Cling To, but I'm glad they were able to make a new event with challenges.  This card is for Ann's challenge.  She gave us an angel template to work with and this was what I ended up with. Weird confession, but I don't like angels.  You hear that word too much when your child dies and I have an aversion to it now.  I decided to be inspired by the angels I do like, the Willow Tree ones.   I chose my colors based on those and I think it turned out nice.  I might use this card and find a new Willow Tree angel as a just because gift for my mom.  :)

Here's a simple wreath card for Holly's challenge.  She asked us to use holly leaves and berries.  I don't have anything that looks exactly like that, but I tried using this cute wreath set.  It's been neglected from back in my demo days, so it was nice to ink it up.

Just a question:  I know a lot of people began following me because of Stampin' Up! and I know I don't use those products as much lately.  I've fallen in love with Copics and distress inks and I don't find those as easy to use with SU.   Would you like me to go back to using some SU maybe once a week or so?  It would likely be retired products, so keep that in mind.

This morning we attended a program for 3-5 year olds that's a part of our local school system.  I talked to the director yesterday and she thinks it will be good for Laila to come as much as we can.  The assessment team for the district are sometimes on the same campus, so it might help if we can one day have them come observe her in a classroom setting.  She's awesome at one-on-one interactions with adults, so they don't see her social/behavorial issues that happen in the classroom setting.  She did okay today, but it took her a long time to warm up and come into the room. I'm glad Jason was there as backup.  They have events/classes every day, but it can be difficult to get a space in them.  There are way more kids who want to come than teachers to host.  Today they made a fire truck with food, made a fireman puppet, and did some singing/group time.


  1. Yes I would like you to do a SU project once a week. I don't care if they are retired because I keep all my stuff. So today I love your post, SU and your daughter.

  2. where can I get the angel template. thank you


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