Friday, December 23, 2016

MFT Cool Day

Hey!  It took me like a week plus, but I made another card!  lol  I was trying to enter the MFT card challenge last week, but I didn't finish up in time.  I wanted to go ahead and put it together because I needed a card for the goodies I'm taking to my friend later.  Well, maybe.  Nobody wants to bake with me today.  Mom isn't feeling good and Laila is playing with some new toys she got from her aunt yesterday.  I don't mind baking alone, but I planned it as a family activity.  More taste tests for me, right?  :)

Here's Laila and Mom at the Polar Express last week.  They both had a blast!  Laila wasn't shy at all and got up and danced with the workers.  She gave Santa a big hug and told him she wanted the Paw Patroller for Christmas and it cost $55.  She cracks me up! I hope she enjoys that thing since she's been talking about it for two months.

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  1. Oh those bears......cute as can be! Emma loves Paw Patrol too! Merry Christmas my friend!


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