Thursday, January 26, 2017

MFT You're Super

Whew!  It's been a long week.  I haven't stamped much at all.  I did finish up this card, but that was about it.  I love this girl so much as I'm sure you can tell.  :)   She's my favorite image to practice my Copic people coloring on.  Here I used her to make a card to send some thanks and cheer to a person I admire very much.  I need to go find some rainbow paper as I'm a bit obsessed with rainbows lately.  Maybe because they are a bit of happiness in dreay days?  

How cute is this litle guy?  I've been trying to teach Laila about kindness and doing good deeds, so he was a part of that.  A Texas resuce asked if someone could pick him up from the animal shelter and drive him to their vet. He was turned in by his owner and those are the animals that are always in the most danger since they don't get a stray hold.  We went and got him and man he was a sweetie. He was scared to death, but he finally relaxed a bit during the drive.  He's now in a foster home and ready to find a new family.  That was a nice way to spend a Monday.  :)  


  1. Nice job on the hair on that girl! I would say you have mastered coloring hair.

  2. She looks fabulous in her bright pink on the neutral background!! Your coloring is wonderful!


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