Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simon Says Stamp To Thine Own Shelf

How's your weekend going?  Ours is not really going at all.  We had plans to go to the science museum yesterday and then a birthday party today and of course Laila woke up with a fever yesterday.  We've been resting and not doing much at all, which is fine.  I don't mind some down days sometimes.  I managed to sneak in my room this morning and make a card.  I've been working on cards to send to some of our senators just to say thanks and that's what this one is for.  The person it is going to is an author, so I thought the To Thine Own Shelf set from Simon Says Stamp might be fun to use.  I wanted to enter it into the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge this week.

When she does this, we know she's not feeling well.  She is usually going full force from 7am to 7pm.  She took a couple naps yesterday.  We've been keeping a close watch on her fever since she has had two febrile seizures in the past.  I keep us stocking in Tylenol and Motrin for that very reason.  I think Jason is picking up dinner tonight and we are just going to continue resting. I've had awful sinus headaches all week from the high tree pollen, so the rest has been nice for me too.  I just hate when she's sick.  :(


  1. Love your card - I love all the little books on the shelf and that you've cut them out with a notebook edge die. Poor little Laila :( I hate it when kids are sick. They just look so sad and worn out. Hope she on the mend soon and avoids another seizure. Xx

  2. BEAUTIFUL and precise composition, Rita! Thanks so much for playing Simon Says Stamp Wednesday “Anything Goes” Challenge! Beautiful colors and design. Well done! Hope your daughter is feeling better already!

  3. Great card. That little circular inset reminds me of the Dick and Jane books of my youth! And thanks for taking the time to write our elected representatives to let them know they are doing a good job. I think we need a little more of that!


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