Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stampin' Up! Love is Kindness

Happy Saturday.  Anyone watching football?  Our Texans play the late game today, so that's the plan once Laila goes to bed. :)  This week got away from me and I haven't been making much.  My goal was to work with my favorite stamps from my collection this week and I did use a few of them, the Penny Black hedgehogs and the MFT You're Super set.  This stamp from Stampin' Up! is one of my two favorites from them.  I love this stamp and it never strays far from my desk.  I have to confess, part of why I love it is because it's a wood stamp.  I have switched to clear and cling mount now, but I still prefer wood.  I think I'm an oddball that way, but it's what I learned to stamp with and I love the feel of them.  Storage gets to the the issue of course, so I'm trying to weed out some and only keep the ones I truly love.

Laila had her first haircut this week.  Her hair had been getting a lot of tangles, so I took her in for a trim to get some of the dead ends cut off.  She wasn't too sure about it, but did great.  My stylist barely took any off, but it does have a nice shape now.


  1. Am I watching football today? You betcha. I hope your Texans aren't too cold up here! LOL!!!!!

    Oh, and I love the card :)

  2. I thought your Texans were going to do it - my house was rejoicing the first half!! LOVE this image - so beautifully and cheerfully colored!


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