Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stampin' Up! Dragonfly Dreams

Believe it or not, I got some crafty stuff done today!  I was so excited to make a card and do a little watercoloring.  I colored this dragonfly last night and wanted to use him for the current sketch at Fab Friday.  The pink background was done with distress inks and the dragonfly colored with Copics.   Dragonflies are so neat.  We have one that visits the garden every now and then.

It's been a weird day here. We were supposed to have rain all day, but not a drop as of 9pm tonight.  They kept moving back the start, so now it's more of a midnight storm.  I'm glad I went ahead and watered my garden.  Jason swears we live in a bubble that keeps our neighborhood dry, so we shall see if we get anything tonight. 

These guys have kept me busy this weekend.  They are almost ready to pupate, but are eating like teenage boys!  One of them managed to escape while I was feeding them on Friday and now we have a chrysalis hanging from Laila's playroom curtains.  I have to climb up and move it to an enclosure tomorrow.  Silly thing.  It's definitely been a busy process this spring.  We have a wide range of forms, from egg to almost ready to eclose.  It's never boring! 

We've also enjoyed watching these guys!  They haven't been by in a few days, so I switched out to homemade nectar today. I had used some I bought at Lowe's and they seem to have left after that.  Hopefully they come back as we love them.  


  1. Oh, the dragonfly is PERFECT for this sketch - and how gorgeous in purples! Good for you, raising your own fancy wings, too - can't wait to see them progress! Thanks for playing at Fab Friday!

  2. Dragoflies (and butterflies) are the only insects that I actually like! They are so pretty and this one looks perfect perched on your card. Love the vibrant colors too.

  3. Love the pics of your wildlife! So cool to watch all the little critters! Your card is beautiful; I love the pink/black combo and the watercolored background with the splatters is very cool! Thanks for sharing at Fab Friday!

  4. Your garden is just a magical place, isn't it??! And I love your dragonfly. I love the variation in pinks and the soft background - perfect with the black accents.


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