Thursday, August 31, 2017

Freshly Made Sketches 303

I just realized that I forgot to do my blog post for Freshly Made Sketches. I worked on my card to take my mind off things Tuesday, but I guess I didn't get to the posting part.  Karren really challenged us with this sketch!  Who doesn't love a challenging challenge, right? :) You get to put on your creative thinking cap and that's what I did. I had pulled one of my card kits from Simon Says Stamp from my stash to attempt to use it up as much as possible this week, so I worked on a design using that and only that.  I think it turned out okay and I hope it's close enough to the sketch.

I know Texas is getting a lot of news coverage, but we are fine.  We were some of the lucky ones in our area who didn't flood.  All of my friends here are fine as well. School is still delayed and next Thursday is the best case first day.  Laila's principal's house flooded and was still full of water as of yesterday. I'm sure our school will be helping with that as much as we can. The school itself did not flood, so we are thankful for that. There is just so much devastation around the area that it is almost unreal right now. It will be a long time before anything is close to normal again. But, we are lucky. So lucky. If the worst thing facing you is waiting in lines for hours to enter a grocery store, that's not much you can complain about when people lost their lives and homes. Things did begin opening back up yesterday, but some will be months coming back. It is just truly heartbreaking. 

It has been amazing to see how the community, both individuals and businesses, have jumped in to help. We've gathered supplies to take to temporary shelters twice now and their needs were already met before we could get there. Restaurants are closing to focus on making food for first responders. Churches quickly opened up as shelters. People with boats and lifted trucks assisting strangers. I know on our local group a truck owner picked up a pregnant lady having contractions five minutes apart and got her to the hospital so she could give birth. Political and racial divides went out the window and it has been people helping people. We need more of that. 

I'm off to make coffee and turn on the news for a bit. Have a good week and keep sending good thoughts this way. 



  1. This is the colors....your coloring....and those waves! Glad you are safe....the devastation is staggering.....wonderful to see so many people willing to help others.

  2. Cute card, and such a clever way to use the sketch. It's so overwhelming to see the images of the affects from this hurricane. I'm so glad to hear y'all are doing ok.

  3. Great card! The nautical theme is fun and your coloring is spot-on as always!

  4. Very clever take on the sketch, Rita! Your card is gorgeous. And well done you for making yourself stick to limited supplies.

  5. As always, I love your coloring. This card is really wonderful. I cannot even tell you how relieved I am that you and your house are ok. I think it is affirming to see that there really is a lot of good in the people of your community and hopefully that will help the healing to come quickly. Hugs!

  6. This card is gorgeous Rita! The scene you've created is fabulous as are the dies you've used!


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